Dale R. Rose

Not all personal injury attorneys are the same. If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, here are six tips to consider when searching for a personal injury attorney:

  • Strong background in personal injury law
  • Proven to deliver winning verdicts and high-dollar settlements
  • Trial attorney and other legal organization membership
  • Numerous positive reviews from real clients
  • Contingency-based fee structure
  • Active internet presence with regular updates

Using these tips as our guide, let’s see if Dale R. Rose is a good choice for your needs:

1. Strong Background in Personal Injury Law

Dale is exclusively a personal injury lawyer. According to his website, Dale’s practice focuses on the following areas:

Not only does Dale have over 20 years of experience with personal injury cases, but he also has about seven years of experience working as a defense attorney for insurance companies. So he understands what resources and techniques they’ll try to use against his clients – and how to counter effectively.

As far as tip one goes, Dale is very well qualified.

2. Proven to Deliver Winning Verdicts and High-Dollar Settlements

Dale doesn’t have any specifics on settlements listed on his website. There’s really not much information on previous cases to be found. But that’s not necessarily an issue as many clients don’t want their personal case results posted online.

One bit of information we found to be really interesting was Dale’s membership in The Million Dollar Advocates Forum. In order to qualify for membership, an attorney must have acted as principal counsel in at least one case where the client was awarded a million dollars or more.

While we don’t know the specifics of the case, Dale seems to be able to deliver high-value settlements. He easily passes tip two. What about three?

3. Trial Attorney and Other Legal Organization Membership

When looking at the website, we found plenty of positive info about Dale’s education and organization membership.

His education includes:

  • D. from Texas Tech School of Law (1991)
  • S. in Government and Politics from University of Texas – Dallas (1988)
  • A.S. in Criminal Justice from Corning Community College (1982)

His admissions include:

  • State Bar of Texas
  • Northern District of Texas – Federal
  • Eastern District of Texas – Federal

He’s also a member of several professional legal and other organizations including:

  • Collin County Bar Association – Mock Trial Coordinator
  • State Bar of Texas (Civil Litigation Member) Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Collin County Bar Association
  • McKinney Bar Association
  • McDermott Road Church of Christ.

4. Numerous Positive Reviews from Real Clients

Dale’s website doesn’t have any testimonials. We did find four reviews on his firm’s Facebook page. The average rating was a perfect five stars. Even though there aren’t many reviews to find, a perfect rating is pretty impressive considering most people only leave a review when they’re unhappy with a business.

While there aren’t many reviews available, the ones we found were almost universally positive. The lack of negatives reviews is also worth noting.

Dale gets a thumb’s up on this tip.

5. Contingency-Based Fee Structure

Although we couldn’t find any direct info that Dale’s firm operates on a contingency basis, we strongly suspect they do. Most firms which handle personal injury cases exclusively operate on a contingency basis.

Plus, the website encourages people to contact Dale immediately after any accident or injury. He’s even available nights and weekends. Normally when a personal injury attorney is as accessible as Dale, they’re not concerned about their clients’ ability to pay up-front.

You’ll want to discuss the fee structure when you meet with Dale, but we feel confident saying you can consult with him right away without making any financial commitment.

We’re going to go ahead and give him a passing grade on tip number five – just be sure to discuss the specific fee structure before you hire him.

 6. Active Internet Presence with Regular Updates

Dale has a robust, engaged social media presence. He tweets almost every day Monday through Friday and has done so for a while. He also seems to post on Facebook every day or so. While some of his posts don’t directly relate to his business, he still maintains an active presence online.

His Yelp page is claimed but not exactly packed with information. However, one interesting thing we noticed about on the Yelp page is that, before becoming a lawyer, Dale was a police officer for six years. There’s no mention of this biographical detail anywhere else online, but we did find it pretty interesting.

Dale also has a blog on his website. While the entries detail interesting info about the legal system, the section is infrequently updated.

Dale has a very interesting background which seems to offer unique benefits to his clients. Plus, he’s won over a million dollars for at least one client. He’s worth consulting with if you’re searching for a personal injury lawyer in McKinney, Texas, or the surrounding area.