How to find a Local Car Accident Lawyer

You have been in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident and now you are injured with pain, have bills to pay, probably carless, and having to deal with the insurance companies..

Now what?

Well, if you landed on this page you are probably looking for the best local DFW car accident lawyers to help you through this stressful and inconvenient time in your life.

Great news!

You have come to the right place. Below you will learn how to find the best local car accident lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer will help you get compensated and get you life back to normal as much as possible.

Do you really need a local personal injury lawyer?


Don’t make the mistake of just calling the most popular car wreck lawyer you have heard or found.

Here is why:

  1. Local laws and rules vary by the area
  2. You are just a case number to big law firms
  3. Local lawyers will have helpful resources near you

1. Local laws and rules vary by the area

local laws

Did you know that in Fort Worth the intersection of Riverside and Western Center is one of the most dangerous in the city?

Probably not..

But, the car accident lawyers in Fort Worth do.


Because many of them have had clients that have been injured at this intersection. They know why this intersection is dangerous and how car accidents normally happen at this location.

This is important.

A random lawyer from a different city or area probably has no idea about this intersection. They wouldn’t have the experience of a local lawyer who has already tried a case dealing with that intersection.

Even more..

Local lawyers will know the city officials and how the city is run. Imagine a law firm that is spread across several different cities, they don’t have the knowledge and relationships that a local attorney has.

2. Don’t be just a Case Number

don't be a case number

It’s sad, but you see this all the time.

People sign up with a big nation or state wide law firm thinking they are in the best hands. Weeks, months, even years go by with little to zero communication and no progress on their case.

You are just a case number.

Another reason why it is important to do your research and hire a local attorney that will answer the phone when you call and actually care about your case and well-being.

For the best outcome in your case you will need efficient and frequent communication with your attorney. Your attorney will need to gather evidence, documentation, and paperwork related to your accident in order to build your case.

It is hard, especially if you are injured, to travel long distances to see your lawyer.

Having a local lawyer just makes everything easier.

3. Find a lawyer that has Resources near YOU

If you have been injured in your accident you more than likely need medical attention and/or therapy.

In some cases other experts such as economists, accident reconstruction specialists, vocational rehabilitation specialists and life care planners must be hired for the injured party.

Local lawyer will have a wide range resources and experts that are near you.

How to find a local personal injury lawyer

Now that you know why it is important to find a local lawyer, let’s talk about how to find the best car accident lawyer and what to look for when searching in your city.

Follow the tips below when looking for a local car wreck lawyer:

  1. Find a lawyer that only does personal injury law
  2. Look for a lawyer with high settlements and verdicts
  3. See if the lawyer is active in local, state, and/or national trial lawyer groups and associations
  4. Read current reviews and ask to speak to previous clients
  5. Find a lawyer that is willing to work on a contingency fee, if necessary
  6. Review the lawyers website and online social presence

1. Specializes in Personal Injury Law

If you pick a lawyer who handles all sorts of cases you risk the quality of your representation. You want a lawyer that just focuses and specializes in personal injury cases.


You want to find a personal injury lawyer that is a plaintiff’s lawyer. Plaintiff lawyers represent the individual(s) who was injured.

The key here is to find a lawyer that is willing to try a case. Meaning the lawyer is willing to take any case all the way to court.

This is important.

This lets the insurance companies know the lawyer is serious and is not willing to take lowball settlement offers.

Don’t worry.

You will more than likely never have to go to court. 95% of personal injury cases settle without going to trial.

2. High Settlements and Verdicts

High Settlements and Verdicts

Many lawyers will have their settlements and verdicts listed on their website.

If the lawyer has large cases with serious injuries you should expect to see high settlements.

Simply ask the lawyer what kind of settlements they have had in the past. If you are injured you want a lawyer that will fight and get you the compensation you deserve.

3. Active in Trial Lawyer Groups and Associations

local legal associations

Passionate personal injury lawyers are always working and learning from other experienced lawyers. They attend conferences, travel for meetings, discuss trials, and research current trends to stay up to date.

This is important as insurance companies are always trying to use loopholes and tricks to decrease settlement amounts.

Let’s be honest.

Insurance companies want to give you the least amount of money as possible for your case.

You need a car wreck attorney that knows all the little tricks and how to get the most out of the insurance companies.

4. Credible Reviews and Testimonials

If the lawyer is good, he/she should have plenty of previous clients you can talk to.

If the attorney can’t provide any previous clients, you should assume the lawyer has not done a good job for his clients in the past.

Reviews and testimonials are everywhere online!

Go the law firms Google Business page and read the reviews. You can also go to their social profiles like Facebook and Yelp to see if there are any reviews.

Like any business, it is hard for personal injury law firms to have 5 star reviews across the board. If the law firm does have any negative reviews, see how the lawyer handled the review.

Spend some time reading reviews and talking to previous clients, this step could save you a lot of time in the future.

5. Works from a Contingency Fee

A lot of people don’t realize that car accident lawyers will work off of a contingency fee.

This means that you will not have to pay any fees until your case is settled.

This also means that if your case does not settle, you will not be billed for any lawyer fees.

You only pay if you win.

We go into more detail about contingency fees on our car accidents page.

Just be sure to review the lawyers contract and make sure you are comfortable with the agreement.

6. Active, Engaging, and Helpful Online

helpful online

Look over the lawyers website and social profiles. This can uncover and help you gather the needed information from the previous steps.

Does the lawyer have helpful articles and/or videos?

Is their website up-to-date?

Do they provide testimonials?

Will they work on a contingency fee?

Do you see any group or associations badges they are active in?

Are any of the settlements or verdicts listed? Are they similar to your case?

Is the attorney engaging and friendly on any social media platforms?

Going through these steps can help you determine if the attorney is someone you want to work with. Putting in the effort to find the best car wreck lawyer from day one can save you a lot of headache and stress in the future.

Need further help finding a local car accident lawyer?

We hope that this article helped you find and determine the best car wreck attorney for your case.

If you are still looking for a lawyer be sure and look through our local DFW car accident lawyer directory. If you are still undecided, you can also request a lawyer to contact you.