Ben Abbott

Searching for a personal injury attorney doesn’t need to be difficult if you follow these six tips.:

Look for the following:

  • Proven Expertise in Personal Injury Law
  • Consistently Awarded High Dollar Settlements
  • Member in Good Standing of Trail Lawyer Groups and Associations
  • Positive Testimonials and Reviews
  • Works on Contingency with No Money Down
  • Has a Friendly, Active Internet Presence

Let’s take a look at how well Ben Abbott meets these criteria:

1. Proven Experience in Personal Injury Law

According to his website, Ben Abbott and his team focus exclusively on the practice of personal injury and accident law.

Their site lists the following practice areas:

The requirements for tip one seem completely satisfied.

2. Consistently Awarded High Dollar Settlements

Ben’s site doesn’t list specific dollar values related to settlements from past cases, but there’s nothing unusual about that. Many personal injury attorneys keep that information confidential to protect the privacy of their clients.

Plus, keeping a website updated with specific dollar amounts can be a time-consuming process, so many personal injury attorneys simply keep that info off their site.

We did find a few instances where reviews by former clients mentioned the specific amount of money awarded in their individual cases. For instance, one review mentioned that Ben got her over $4,000. However, there was no information about what type of case the reviewer was involved in.

The bottom line is that many people left positive reviews about how they were satisfied with the outcome of their cases. A major reason someone is often happy with the outcome of their personal injury case is because they were awarded what they feel is a helpful amount of money.

We feel it’s safe to say Brian understands how to get the most money possible for each client’s specific situation. He’s looking good for tip two.

3. Member in Good Standing of Trail Lawyer Groups and Associations

Ben’s biography listed on his website shows that he has a long and distinguished history as an attorney.

His extensive education includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric & Communication, University of Oregon (1983)
  • University of Oregon School of Law (1986)
  • LLM in Taxation, New York University School of Law (1987)

Although Ben currently practices personal injury law exclusively, his legal background is actually quite varied. Previous work includes:

  • Tax law
  • Commercial litigation
  • Insurance defense

Ben has Court Admissions in the following:

  • S. Tax Court
  • S. District Court, Northern District of Texas

His biography makes no specific mentions of membership in any lawyer groups or associations. However, he does have a long, distinguished career in law. Let’s move on to the next tip.

4. Positive Testimonials and Reviews

The firm’s website puts both their Google and Facebook reviews right on the front page. We can see why because they have a lot to be proud of.

Their 170 posted Google reviews have an average score of 4.6 out of 5. Almost all of the reviewers identify themselves with their first and last name. Quite a few included profile pictures, too. The reviews appear genuine and are overwhelmingly positive.

The most negative review is a one-star review from a man who identified himself. Interestingly, the law firm actually responded to the review. They said nobody by that name has ever contacted their firm. This is a reassuring sign that the firm does read their own reviews and that the reviews posted online are from real clients.

Their Facebook reviews are equally positive. They have 156 reviews with an average score of 4.6 out of 5.

5. Works on Contingency No Money Down

Ben’s commitment to Contingency Fees is hard to miss. His website repeatedly states that you don’t have to pay anything unless their firm wins your case. There are never any up-front fees. Plus, you can meet with Ben for a free consultation.

No doubt about it, Ben passes this tip test with flying colors!

6. Has a Friendly, Active Internet Presence

Ben and his team have an active, engaged online presence. His main website has a lot of detail about the firm and how they can help you with a personal injury case.

Ben does have a Twitter, but it doesn’t appear very active. The last update was several months ago.

His firm’s Facebook page seems to be where the real excitement is. They hold contests on a regular basis where followers can win prizes. Facebook followers have won tickets to Lady Gaga, NBA games and other fun events.

Plus, they seem quick to respond to both positive and negative feedback on their Google reviews and Facebook page.

They’re definitely a firm with an active, friendly internet presence.

Overall, Ben Abbot’s online presence makes him seem like an experienced, caring personal injury attorney. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, he seems like a good choice if you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in the area of Garland, Texas.