Yvonne Kafor

There’s certainly no shortage of personal injury attorneys in Texas. How do you know which attorney to choose? Follow these six tips to find the best personal injury lawyer for your needs:

  • A dedicated focus on personal injury cases
  • Experience obtaining winning verdicts and high settlements
  • Membership in numerous legal organizations and groups
  • Honest, positive reviews and testimonials
  • Offers contingency fees requiring no money down
  • Welcoming internet presence with regular updates

Let’s see if Yvonne Kafor will be a good choice as your personal attorney based on these six criteria:

1. A Dedicated Focus on Personal Injury Cases

According to their website, The Kafor Law Firm has four main areas of practice:

  • Business Representation
  • Family Law
  • Immigration and Criminal Law
  • Personal Injury

According to her website, Yvonne represents clients in a wide range of personal injury claims. The four main areas of her focus are:

Although personal injury isn’t the entire basis of the practice, Yvonne and her team do seem sufficiently dedicated to personal injury. In fact, her homepage is exclusively focuses on personal injury law.

We think she passes tip one. But what about tip two?

2. Experience Obtaining Winning Verdicts and High Settlements

Yvonne’s website doesn’t have any specific settlement amounts posted. This isn’t particularly unusual, however. The firm is dedicated to other types of law besides personal injury.

Most attorneys don’t publish family law, immigration and criminal law cases on their website. After all, most of these cases are very personal for the parties involves.

The lack of posted settlements certainly doesn’t imply Yvonne and her team don’t win cases. Instead, she simply might choose to not publish settlement numbers on her site due to the overall nature of her casework.

When you contact Yvonne, ask for specifics about settlements for cases related to yours.

3. Membership in Numerous Legal Organizations and Groups

The Attorney Profile page details Yvonne’s extensive education and her membership in a wide variety of professional legal-related organizations.

After earning a Juris Doctor from the Washburn University of Topeka, Yvonne was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 2007. Additionally, she

  • Interned with the Associated of School Board legal department
  • Clerked for The Honorable Judge Mary Noble, Fifth Circuit Judge in Kentucky
  • Worked on civil and criminal litigation for a boutique law firm
  • Worked in the litigation department of two of the nation’s largest law firms

Additionally, Yvonne is a member of several professional organizations including:

Yvonne has a wide variety of experience in many different areas of law. Plus, she is a member of many notable associations and groups for lawyers.

She easily passes tip three. Let’s move on to tip four.

4. Honest, Positive Reviews and Testimonials

There are only two testimonials on the firm’s website. While they do go into considerable detail, one is about a divorce issue and the other relates to a criminal issue. Unfortunately, the site has no testimonials related to personal injury cases.

The Kafor Firm’s Facebook page has 30 additional reviews. Their average score is 4.7 out of 5. The majority of the reviews are just a star rating with no description. What descriptions are available tend to be short and rather vague.

Finally, we took a look at her Yelp page, which is linked from the main website. Unfortunately, the Yelp page has a photo of a completely different person. The Yelp page is also unclaimed. There’s really no useful information to be found on the Yelp page.

We can’t really give a thumbs up on this tip. The limited reviews we found indicate Yvonne is a competent, personable attorney but provide no details about personal injury cases.

Let’s move on to tip five.

5. Offers Contingency Fees Requiring No Money Down

Many personal injury attorneys require no up-front payment. While it’s possible the Kafor firm works on contingency, no specifics are provided on the main website.

Instead, the site talks about reasonable retainer fees, payment plans and reasonable pricing. This could refer to family law, criminal law and other non-personal-injury cases as they don’t typically operate on a contingency basis.

When you contact Yvonne, you’ll want to ask how payment is handled for personal injury cases. We’re reserving judgment on this tip until more information is available.

 6. Welcoming Internet Presence with Regular Updates

While her website provides a lot of details about her legal experience and expertise, there’s very little current information. The Facebook page hasn’t been updated in over a year, and the Yelp page seems to point to a different person.

Based on the information we could find, Yvonne Kafor is a competent, qualified attorney serving Richardson, Texas and the surrounding areas. However, you’ll want to ask her about fees and previous cases before choosing her as your personal injury attorney.