Roger Walton

Video Transcript

In this video we are going to be reviewing Roger “Rocky” Walton of Roger Rocky Walton, P.C.

We will be going over the six tips on how to find a local personal injury lawyer.

These tips include:

  1. specializing in personal injury law
  2. high settlements and verdicts
  3. active in trial lawyer groups and associations
  4. credible reviews and testimonials
  5. willing to work off a contingency fee
  6. active, engaging, and helpful online

Let’s get started on Rocky Walton.

1. Specializing in Personal Injury Law

If you go to a Rocky Walton’s website you notice right off the bat that they primarily focus on personal injury. In their main menu area the first active link is Personal Injury. As you scroll down the
homepage you see that it talks all about personal injury, so it’s apparent that Rocky Walton specializes just in personal injury law.

This is great, the next thing we want to look at is tip number two.

2. High Settlements and Verdicts

Again, right in the navigation bar we have a verdicts and settlements tab. Just skimming and reading the article you can see that Rocky has numerous high settlements and verdicts.

You can see:

  • four hundred thousand
  • two hundred thousand
  • four hundred thousand
  • three hundred thousand

You can read more about each one of these, but they are personal injury related.  Back and neck surgery from a crash with a large truck, etc.

So it’s apparent that Rocky does have high settlements and verdicts.

Moving right along.

3. Active in Trial Lawyer Groups and Associations

Let’s go to his profile page and see what it has to say.

You can see that he is:

  • board-certified since 1995
  • peer review from martindale-hubbell
  • trial experience
  • State Bar College of Texas
  • top attorney in Tarrant County
  • part of the Arlington City Council

You can also find a picture that he has with George Bush. I also noticed he is a member of:

  • American Trial Lawyers of America
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Association
  • Texas Bar Association
  • Arlington Bar Association.

You can see that he is active in groups and associations. He’s awarded top attorney in Tarrant County, featured in a couple magazines, etc.

This is all good for tip three on being active on trial lawyer groups and associations.

Let’s move on to tip number four.

4. Reviews & Testimonials

Going to the firm client reviews section on their website, you can see that all the reviews look like screenshots from Google reviews.  They don’t really have headshots of the people that actually left the review though. It’s hard with Google reviews because these can be faked, but he can also reach out to his staff and previous clients and get them to leave reviews.  It looks like these are all pretty much five-star reviews.

If we go to Google, you can see that he does have 35 Google reviews and they are all five-star. Which I’ve mentioned in other videos that having a five-star review is pretty hard considering that people just like to leave negative reviews.

Rocky Walton is good for tip number four, so let’s move to tip number five.

5. Work off of a Contingency Fee

If you go to contact page, it doesn’t really say anything about how he works or anything like that. I did notice when I was looking at this site before I started this video that he only takes death cases and high injury cases. Catastrophic cases. So if you’re just in a fender bender, your neck hurts, or something like that and you don’t need surgery then Roger Rocky Walton might not be willing to take your case. But that doesn’t really have anything to do with it contingency fee.

I did notice that it does say that they will go over your case for a free consultation when I was looking through through his site, but nothing about a contingency fee.

That may be something that you discuss with a lawyer once you go in and talk to him about your case.

Moving on to tip number six.

6. Active, Engaging, and Helpful Online

His website is a very nice site. He does have a lot of good information to read over and has a blog section as well that talks about different things related to personal injury. This is good and you’ll notice that his blog posts are spaced out pretty evenly.

It looks like they do a post about every month, so there is some good stuff to review and has archives back to 2015. There’s plenty of content to read.

If we go to his other social profiles, you will notice on Yelp that there is nothing really about his firm. His YouTube page has one video that is about three minutes long. On the firm Facebook page he does have more reviews. Ten reviews and they are five-star which is great. His Facebook posts do kinda push a lot and are more of ad type posts.  “If you need help with your injury please contact us”, but he is helpful on on his social profiles.

His Google+ page is pretty much just posting his reviews again, so it’s apparent that he wants you to see his five-star reviews.

After reviewing Rocky Walton online, he looks like a great personal injury attorney with very high settlements and verdicts.

If you have a personal injury needs he might be a lawyer that you want to reach out and discuss your case with.