Loren Green

It’s hard to know what you should do when faced with a situation where you need a lawyer. It’s essential not to rush into a rash decision. Our six criteria will help you navigate the many choices you’ll find. They include:

  • Specialization in personal injury
  • Record of successful verdicts and settlements
  • Active Participation in Professional Associations
  • Testimonials and reviews from clients
  • Acceptance of contingency fees
  • Online presence and activity

Let’s go over each of these six points and see how Loren Green fares.

1. Specialization in Personal Injury

Loren covers a wide portfolio of cases including personal injury. The types that he handles includes:

His case breakdown according to Avvo.com includes:

  • Personal injury, 31 percent
  • Car accident, 31 percent
  • Wrongful death, 25 percent
  • Federal crime, 13 percent

The firm’s website lists his areas of practice as follows:

  • Auto accident and injury, 75 percent
  • Federal criminal defense, 10 percent
  • Texas criminal defense, 15 percent

Loren has 12 years’ experience with personal injury and federal defense cases with about 25 percent of his practice devoted to litigation. Though he’s based out of North Arlington, Texas, he covers the entire state. He will even offer to drive to you if you can’t get to his office. The firm will provide home and hospital visits too.

The firm’s website carries a strong message of family and community. The content is very reassuring and welcoming too. When doing your research on lawyers, you’ll find most everything you need to know on the home page.

2. Record of Successful Verdicts and Settlements

The firm’s website does not provide details of verdicts and settlement, successful or otherwise. However, we found other information in Loren’s social media presence that gives an indication of his track record which we’ll discuss below. He has a significant number of connections which indicate a strong online presence.

3. Active Participation in Professional Associations

Loren is active in his profession with memberships in several lawyer groups including:

  • Tarrant County Bar Association
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Clifford Davis Legal Society
  • Texas Bar Foundation
  • Federal Bar Association

Loren has a BA in liberal arts from the University of Texas, Arlington, Texas. He received his law degree from Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, Texas. He was admitted into the Texas Bar Association in 2005. The firm’s website is forthcoming with his previous employment history too.

Loren provides pro bono services for L Clifford Davis Legal Association of which he was president in 2011 through 2012. These activities also include the Texas Bar Foundation. On this score, Loren truly practices what he believes in with action. The message of community is definitely in the forefront.

4. Testimonials and Reviews from Clients

Loren has a 6.7 rating on Avvo.com which equals a good classification. While the client reviews are primarily favorable, there are a handful of negative ones. It’s worth noting that some of the more unfavorable ones are anonymous. He has four peer endorsements on the site which praise his knowledge and understanding.

He also has one 5-star rating on Facebook and no reviews on Martindale.com. Likewise, he has a presence on Yelp.com and claimed his site. However, there are no reviews.

5. Acceptance of Contingency Fees

Loren offers a no-cost, 30-minute consultation which we always like to see. It’s displayed prominently in the website’s header. It also states that there are no fees unless you recover. Those statements say a lot about a practice. The firm offers services in both English and Spanish, with captions in both languages visible throughout the site.

The firm has some fixed fee services so that there are no unpleasant surprises when your case is resolved. The firm accepts cash, check, and credit cards. Overall, the website contains a lot of information. We were impressed with the page that explains how to prepare for the first consultation to get the most out of your time and effort.

6. Online Presence and Activity

An active online presence is important to the firm. The website contains a blog that is regularly updated with useful information. Networking also ranks high with its participation in the FindLaw group. Loren has a Facebook page that receives status updates from the blog. He has a strong following with 209 likes and 211 friends. He also has an active LinkedIn profile.


Loren has an impressive resume and wide sphere of specialization that ticks off five out of six of the boxes. We’d recommend that you ask for more details about his track record of verdicts and settlements when you discuss your case during that free consultation. Even without this information, the high number of connections and likes speaks volumes about his practice.