Jennifer Kashar

If you are looking for a local personal injury attorney, there are several criteria an excellent personal injury attorney should always meet. Here are the top six considerations you should always research when looking for a personal injury attorney:

  • Personal injury specialization
  • Ability to get high settlements and verdicts
  • Active in groups and associations for trial lawyers
  • Credible reviews and testimonials
  • Works on a contingency basis
  • Engaging, active, and helpful on the internet

With these in mind, here is a detailed look at Jennifer Kashar.

1. Personal Injury as a Calling Card

Jennifer Kashar is a personal injury attorney servicing the Dallas Fort Worth area. After her graduation from the University of Miami School of Law, she spent nine years as an attorney, defending insurance companies and the people they insured. At that point, she knew she wanted to use her knowledge of the tricks used by large insurance companies to help injured people receive fair compensation.

She specializes in Personal Injury and will consider any case involving a personal injury. According to her site, these are some of the cases she regularly handles:

  • Bus Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Brain Injuries
  • Wrongful Deaths
  • Dog Bites
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Injuries
  • Truck Accidents

Ms. Kashar has almost twenty years of legal experience with nine years spent learning the insurance company side, and the rest of her years dedicated to helping personal injury victims recover as much as they are entitled to, for their injury. She is passionate about defending victims against the tactics large insurance companies use to pay less than what is owed to the victims.

2. Achievement of High Settlements and Verdicts

Jennifer Kashar has had hundreds of settlements, with many of them being significant. While there is only one significant achievement listed on her page, two settlements that both paid out the $100,000 policy limits, Ms. Kashar has been a successful attorney with many positive reviews.

3. An Active Member of Groups and Associations for Trial Lawyers

Personal Injury attorneys who are actively practicing are often members of different associations and members in various groups.

According to her firm’s website, Jennifer Kashar is involved in four major associations. Those associations include:

4. Receive Credible Testimonies and Reviews

Jennifer Kashar has received public testimonies and reviews of the services she offers. Each of the declarations is a reflection of who she is as an attorney.

On, Ms. Kashar has received two reviews, both 5-stars. The reviewers shared that Jennifer Kashar was dedicated, on-the-ball, good at communicating, and a hard worker. Also on the website, she has fourteen attorney endorsements, with one attorney stating that Ms. Kashar is a superb litigator with an exceptional grasp of the law.

On the Kashar Law Firm Facebook page, Jennifer Kashar has received four reviews, all with 5-star ratings. The Facebook reviewers were particularly happy with her excellent communication and prompt, step-ahead actions.

A Google search of Jennifer Kashar pulled up the Kashar Law Firm with two ratings that were also 5-star.

While there are not a significant number of reviewers, the fact that all of her reviews are five-star is telling of the kind of attorney she is. Most people who take the time to review professionals or businesses, do so because they are displeased with a service experience. When a person receives high praise, on multiple sites, by numerous people, it is impressive.

5. Offer Contingency Service for their Work

A contingency fee means that an attorney will only receive payment for their services if a settlement is reached. If there is no settlement, there are no hidden fees or charges ever assessed. A loss for the client is a loss for the attorney.

Jennifer Kashar offers her services for a contingency fee, and also provides a free thirty-minute consultation to discuss cases with the potential client.

6. Helpful, Engaging, and Active on Social Media

Ms. Kashar offers a blog on her firm’s website, which does have several blog posts on it but has not been updated since May 2017.  She does have accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook, but they have not been active since February 2017. Previous to then, there were regular posts and interactions.

If you find yourself needing a personal injury attorney, it is essential to research the attorneys in your area to determine if they meet specific criteria.

Jennifer Kashar does meet each of the requirements, and even though her social media activity could use some improvement, there are testimonials and reviews showing that her clients have been happy with her services. Insurance companies are well known for being difficult to work with, and for not having their clients’ best services in mind, which makes it imperative for people who have suffered an injury to find the best attorney for their case.

If you are looking for a reasonable attorney in the Dallas area, consider Jennifer Kashar.